Credit Cards for All Types of Credit

Credit cards designed to help you establish or rebuild your credit. Please read approval criteria and terms and conditions prior to applying. 

Self Lender is a community, a proactive mindset, and a collection of tools that help you take control of your credit. 

Self Lenders (our "users") get personalized credit score tracking, credit monitoring, access to simple financial tools, and the opportunity to apply for a credit builder account. A credit builder account can help you establish credit history and save money in a safe, responsible way.

Build credit with a secured credit card. No credit score requirement, reports to all 3 credit bureaus. 

Debt Relief

If you are having a challenge paying back credit cards, lines of credit, business debts, back tax debts, private student loans, medical bills, payday loans, or other unsecured debts, you’re likely looking for a solution for your debts.

When the amount owed gets to the point of seeming hopeless to pay off, or the IRS or state tax authorities are coming after you for amounts that you may not have even known you owed, it creates a lot of stress.

Emotions build up, one can lose sleep, relationships suffer, and other areas of one’s life can be negatively affected. The great news is that your situation can be solved with proper debt relief help.

Get your 3 Credit
Reports and Scores!

  • Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Reports & Scores

  • Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts

  • Credit Report Can Be Refreshed Every 30 Days

  • $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance*

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